Friday, September 25, 2015

Jr. High Cross Country can I have a 7th grader?? 

He's really enjoying his first year running on the Fergus Falls Jr. High boys cross country team. 
They run two miles each race. He finished 2nd on his team with a time of 15:30.
It's fun to have another runner in the family!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

mmmm...Play Dough Food!

Kaylee and Kassidy made me some yummy play dough food. They've been busy playing "Chopped" from Food Network.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

She Loves to Sew

Somehow all my sewing days end up with me setting aside my projects and working on something my girls want to sew. I LOVE IT! I'm so glad my girls love crafting with me and I know some day I'll have lots of time to complete those unfinished projects with no interruptions.

Karolyn and Nana Yvette had made this pattern a few years ago and Kaylee loves Karolyn's folder so we finally borrowed the pattern from Nana and got one made for her. After finally switching out my dull rotary blade for a sharp one, this girl did all the cutting! I read the pattern and helped with some of the pinning, but this girl did this project all on her own. She loves sewing and I'm always amazed at how talented she is a sewing such straight lines.

She's been walking around with it ever since she finished it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Learning around the House

I was very excited about having a room dedicated for school when we moved to MN, but we don't seem to make it down there as much as I thought we would. When it is fall and summer it is too nice to be in the basement. Beside being outside and doing school, the kids love using the living room coffee table as a desk, which is great for me because then I can teach from the couch.

At least I can use the couch when Abby isn't busy hogging it.

Monday, August 31, 2015

First Week of School

 We are once again doing another year of My Father's World history. I love this program and my kids enjoy all the books and activities. This cake was the first project that we've repeated from when Kolsen did second grade Adventures while Karolyn was in kindergarten. It is so much fun to see my second two enjoy the same activities that my older two did. We are starting our year with the explorers and then focusing more on American history.

The girls have enjoyed using their new desks! 
I love these light weight, folding tables that also adjust in height.

We started school last Thursday, which gave us seven days to complete our first full week of school. I'm glad I decided to start a couple of days early. With all of our extra activities, cross country, dentist (with 12 teeth pulled from 3 kids!), tagging butterflies, planting prairie plants and I don't even remember what other things we squeezed in. We did manage to get most of our school stuff done and even enjoyed watching Kolsen complete a science experiment this weekend.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Duck Banding

We always enjoy attending the duck banding day at the Prairie Wetlands Learning Center. This year Kolsen and Shawn went out to help gather up the ducks in the various traps around town before the event. The girls and I slept in and then met the boys for the fun part!

 The boys demonstrating how to get the ducks out of the trap. 

 Listening to our friend Fred explain about why we band ducks.

 Learning from our favorite biologist!

 Karolyn and her friend.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Twenty dozen ears of corn and 20 gallons on tomatoes, processed and ready for winter consumption! Now I need a nap.